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I made a purchased a while a go of a fridge, washer and dryer. I must say your price is very much competitive and your service is excellent. kudos to...


I love dealing with jintex electronics. They consider about my time and also my request. I'm buying a SHARP fridge and the price really reasonable...


Hi Kevin

Thanks for that.


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Electrolux 8kg Heat Pump Dryer UltimateCare 500 [EDH-804H5WB]


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Electrolux 8kg Heat Pump Dryer UltimateCare 500 [EDH-804H5WB]


Features :

  • SensiCare protects clothes from over-drying, reduce wear and tear
    • measures the temperature and humidity
    • adjusts the cycle time to the load and fabric type
  • ReverseTumbling (alternating drum movements) reduces wrinkles for easy ironing
  • ColourCare reduces fading by up to 80%* compared to sun drying
  • Less energy consumption, drying at much lower temperatures than conventional models
  • Pair UltimateCare washers and dryers for a complete fabric care solution. Technologies work in harmony to deeply clean and gently care for your clothes from wash through to dry.
  • Gently dry delicates: the delicate drying program uses lower temperatures to gently dry clothes, improving care and fabric protection for special garments
  • 3 drying levels : extra dry, cupboard dry, iron dry
  • 13 programs

Maximum Load (kg)

Fabric Type
Favourite 8 configuration of program and options
Cottons 8 to dry cotton fabrics
Mixed 3 to dry cotton and synthetic fabrics, low temperature program, delicate program with warm air
Bedding 3 to dry bed linen such as single and double sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover
Synthetics 3.5 to dry synthetic and mixed fabrics
Energy saver 8 to dry cotton with "cupboard dryness" level
Refresh 1 refreshing textiles that were in storage
Denim 4 to dry jeans, sweat-shirts of different material thicknesses
Sports 2 to dry sportswear, thin and light fabrics, microfiber, polyester
Easy iron 1 (or 5 shirts)

to dry easy care fabrics that need a minimum ironing

shake these items before putting into this appliance, put these items on a hanger immediately after finished this program

Shirts 1.5 (or 7 shirts)

limits the formation of creases on cotton, synthetic, and mixed-fiber shirts

garments will not be fully dried upon completion of the cycle​, remove and hang dry or iron immediately

Wool 1

to dry woolen fabrics, gentle drying for hand-washable woolens

remove items immediately after finished this program

Delicates 4

to dry delicate fabrics such as viscose, rayon, acrylic, and their blends


  • Delay start
  • Time controlled drying option : minimum 10 minutes, maximum 2 hours, depends on the quantity of laundry in this appliance
  • Extra anti-crease : extend the anticrease phase by 60 minutes at the end of the drying cycle
  • Child lock
  • Standard motor
  • Accessories : direct drain hose
  • Warranty (upon online registration within 14 days from the date of purchase) :
    • 2 years general warranty


Specifications :

  • Heat Pump Dryer
  • Installation type : Freestanding
  • Door Hinges : Left
  • Total Wattage (W) : 800
  • Voltage (V) : 230 - 240
  • Frequency (Hz) : 50
  • Noise level (dB) : 66
  • Touch controls with knob
  • Colour : White
  • IPX4 : protection against ingress of splashing water from all angles
  • Gas Designation : R290
  • Gas Weight (kg) : 0.14


Product Dimension and Weight :

  • Width (mm) : 596
  • Depth (mm) : 638
  • Height (mm) : 850
  • Maximum Depth (mm) : 662
  • Maximum Depth with the Appliance Door Open (mm) : 1107
  • Maximum Width with the Appliance Door Open (mm) : 958
  • Adjustable Height (mm) : 850 + 15 (feet adjustment)
  • Packaging Dimension (W x D x H) (mm) : 640 x 680 x 890 
  • Dryer Capacity (kg) : 8
  • Drum Volume (L) : 118
  • Gross Weight (kg) : 50.5
  • Net Weight (kg) : 47.96



Note :

  • Read the user manual booklet before using this appliance.
  • This appliance contains flammable gas, propane (R290), a gas with a high level of environmental compatibility. Keep fire and ignition sources away from this appliance. Be careful not to cause damage to the refrigerant circuit containing propane.
  • This appliance is for indoor household use.
  • Do not let children play with this appliance.
  • Do not change the specification of this appliance.
  • Do not install or use the appliance where the temperature can be lower than 5°C or higher than 35°C.
  • Do not install the appliance behind a lockable door, a sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite side, that would prevent the appliance door from being fully open.
  • The ventilation opening in the base must not be covered by a carpet, mat, or any floor covering.
  • The appliance must not be supplied through an external switching device, such as a timer, or connected to a circuit that is regularly switched on and off by a utility.
  • Do not use multi-plug adapters and extension cables.
  • Do not touch the main cable or the main plug with wet hands.
  • Ensure good air ventilation in the room where this appliance is installed to avoid the backflow of unwanted gases into the room from appliances burning gas or other fuels, including open fires.


  • Before using this appliance for the first time, 
    • clean the tumble dryer drum with a moist cloth
    • use the drum unlocked key to unlock the rear drum locks
    • recommend to start any program for the first time without the load for a few seconds to ensure that the rear drum locks are removed properly
    • start a 1 hour program with moist laundry
  • Do not use this appliance if items have been soiled with industrial chemicals.
  • Do not run the appliance without a filter. Clean the lint filter before or after each use.
  • Do not dry unwashed items in the dryer.
  • Items such as foam rubber (latex foam), shower caps, waterproof textiles, rubber backed articles and clothes or pillows fitted with foam rubber pads should not be dried in the dryer.
  • Do not dry damaged (torn, frayed) items that contain padding or fillings.
  • If the laundry has been washed with a stain remover, carry out an additional rinse cycle before starting a drying cycle.
  • Do not dry dripping wet clothes in this appliance.
  • Do not put light and dark colour laundry together in this appliance.
  • Not recommended to dry large and small items together.
  • Never stop a dryer before the end of the drying cycle unless all items are quickly removed and spread out so that the heat is dissipated.


  • Before any cleaning and maintenance operation, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the main plug from the socket.
  • Do not pull the main cable to disconnect this appliance. Always pull the main plug.
  • Do not use water spray and steam to clean this appliance.
  • Clean this appliance with a moist soft cloth. Use only neutral detergents.
  • Do not use abrasive products, abrasive cleaning pads, solvents or metal objects to clean this appliance.
  • Pour out the water in the water container after finished using this appliance.
  • If the main power supply cable is damaged, the cable must be replaced by the manufacturer, the authorized service center or similarly trained personnel to avoid an electrical hazard.
  • Model: EDH-804H5WB
  • Manufactured by: ELECTROLUX

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